Bloodfrozen have always been a unique act among the Indonesian black metal scene. They have leaned towards a rather epic approach to black metal, and probably not first to do so, not to mention the idea of incorporating in their sound dark harmonized riff and evil spirit, thus creating an unmistakeable and possibly one of the most appealing to brand of extreme music at least for what's concerning the 90's timespan. and speaking of which, this album stands as a monolith for anyone who claims black metal can't technical: the guitars play beautifully intricate and malevolent patterns, and they often play different riffs that perfectly complement each other actually emerges from the cacophony, nor do Bloodfrozen break from the tradition of sprawling riffs covering most of the songs, though denying this materialized significance in the development of BM would be plain wrong and so still gave the sinister art of their homeland the most intelligent, flexible and musically most valuable face. Already their debut mirrored their overflowing creativity and its only disadvantage was that one thing became quite obvious: the black metal frame could be too narrow for the musicians. There's a whole ton of tremolo picking regarding the riffs. Though there are instances of power chords and palm muting and even pinch harmonics, it's fairly accurate to say that the riffs pretty much solely rely on tremolo picking. The riffs are played relatively low on the fretboard, however they are very melodic for the most part. What really makes this album so special, however, is the synth makes the album so atmospheric and epic. It sounds so sinister and haunting, yet quite melodic and sad. It blends in perfectly with the guitars, which plays more typical BM riffs.

Official Band Information :

When the Darkest Horizon (2020)

Tracklist :

01. When the Darkest Horizon 05:59
02. Stormriding Through the Bleakest 03:10
03. Tales last for Centuries 05:30
04. Pathway to Mystic 04:37
05. Beyond the Styx and Acheron 04:05
06. Supreme Punishment 03:37

Total running time : 00:27:01