REPRISAL PROMOTIONS dengan bangga dipercaya mempromosikan kembali 6 Album sekaligus secara resmi ditahun 2022 ini ! masih secara independent di era digital ini. siap ber-progress en tersedia dibeberapa platform digital populer lainnya dalam waktu dekat ini, dan untuk artikel 6 rilis tersebut dapat dibaca dibawah ini. REPRISAL PROMOTIONS masih menjadi media publikasi dari Project LOSTINCHAOS Mediazine untuk memperkenalkan Underated band yang banyak menjadi proyek solo dari Editor Herry SIC untuk banyak karya yang mengendap selama puluhan tahun terealisasikan disini. karena sifatnya indipenden, semua materi disini siap menjalin kerjasama untuk distribusi lebih luas, jika berminat silahkan contact kami. kenapa dinamakan " Februari Brutality ? ", ya karena rata-rata 6 band ini menawarkan keganasan-nya sendiri-sendiri lewat penyiksaan masif-nya. Happy brutalism !

Pissing the Mainstream - The Megalomaniac Terror (Album 2022)

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Berkarya tanpa batas masih menjadi etos musikal bagi Blitar City Modern Death/Grinding Mayhem PISSING THE MAINSTREAM ! setelah melepas Full album ke-3 " Thanks for Fucking Nothing! " ditahun 2020 kemaren, seperti biasa, Tanpa menyebut Skema Akhir, pembuktian sebuah eksistensi dalam menyelesaikan beberapa materi yang telah dibuat dan diselesaikan selama ini, kembali Kejutan menyegarkan siap dimuntahkan tahun ini dari PISSING THE MAINSTREAM untuk bersiap melepaskan debut full album ke-4 bermuatan 12 Track Grinding mayhem berdurasi total 42 menit. yang pada saat ini telah merampungkan proses recording instrumen-nya untuk kemudian adalah sesi recording vokal, mixing dan Mastering. untuk titel masih on the records, namun salah satu track bertitel " Transendensi Adikodrati ", mempertontonkan dinamika musikal PTM Sejak album pertama, " Life, realize, was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it's in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile. ", hadir dengan sound yang masih menusuk dan menampol biji peler, diyakini ini adalah materi terbaik yang pernah dibuat oleh PTM. Can't wait for the Wrath and Destruction all !!

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Slavesun - The Blood Divine (Album 2022)

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Setelah melepas Album penuh ke-3 " Breaking The Labyrinth " Tahun 2020, Blitar City Blackened Death Metal Unit SLAVESUN, sedang mempersiapkan kembali debut Full album ke-4 yang mengusung Glorifikasi menyegarkan bermerk rilis " The Blood Divine ", yang memuat 10 track gress ganas yang mencoba mengulang kebiadaban konsep materi materi era album pertama " Tartarus : The Deepest Evil Exiled ", lebih cepat, ganas, gelap dan epik ! tracklist-nya adalah : " Agonize ", " Rise Against and Forgotten ", " The Gorgons Retribution ", " Unearthly Beast ", " Immortality, " Ruthless War The Leader ", " The Blood Divine ", " The Thracian Orpheus ", " Gods of Obscurity " dan " Blazing The Dionysian ", masih mengusung lyric tema tentang Mitologi Dewa dewa Yunani Kuno serta kegelapan yang masih bernyawa. karena bagi SLAVESUN, memainkan komposisi yang memacu detak jantung bekerja secara cepat seperti ini adalah hal Mutlak kemarahan para Dewa yang dipenjara abadi dalam Neraka Tartarus. Faster than faster Production values and all over the place Uncompromised compositional Blackened Metal Approach. operate within the stylistically vague realm commonly referred to as " Blackened Death metal ", playing songs that are DM in structure and technique, with Black Metal Atmospherics and Esoteric concept the songs employ riffs that are efficiently consonant and Interconnected in transitions which are marked by sudden alterations of structural patterns to redirect flow or change mood, maintaining a constant Equilibrium of Intensity and Melody, Aggressively propelled by Surging, Relentless Rhythmical motion.

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Verrine - Reedeming the Ancient Cult (Album 2022)

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Skenario kegelapan barbar baru bertajuk " Redeeming the Ancient Cult ", 9 track berdurasi 43 menit siap menggilas kegelapan dengan mesin barbar unmerciful BM ! masih mengulang konsep kesurupan intens ga mengenal kalimat kendor, debut ke-3 ini masih menyakini penuh 2 materi sebelumnya, Unit VERRINE masih begitu kejam mengekplor keganasannya. Leviathe masih menjadi unit kendali dibalik nama VERRINE terbukti masih membawa pekat-nya dunia hitam yang bercumbu dengan iblis dan setan untuk menghancur leburkan manusia. The Surprise Dynamic shifts they guide the songwriting are most satisfying when you're totally familiar with the material and know when to expect something new to display a characteristic tone quality that sets is apart and immediately recognizable to any BM Straightforward Enthusiast it seems to have played a pretty big part in spreading the general sentiment of Anybody can make a beast majestic BM material !

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Vulgar Butchered - The Necronymphomaniac (Album 2022)

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Groovy, Chuggy, and Brutal, Fuckin riffed their way through the material without relenting, making it a trademark release in death metal clan. this mean, there's no denying it. was released, Ajojing death metal bands started popping up all over the place. In terms of composition, you can hear how better they got at Groovy Attack and Breakdown to complement the Monolithic Hardcore Metal influenced brutal death metal riffing. Also the music in general is more memorable and expressive, more violent. change themes more often in this material, songs are more real dynamic and less repetitive, in this case it's a good thing. Apart from that you have the band's trademark sound. Fast blast beat sections mixed with hardcore riffs thrown in here and there, and heavy breakdowns, decorated with nice broken guitar playing techniques. ! The individual performances are most impressive, It's mindless fun and great to headbang to, it definitely possesses a high level of fist-pounding energy and it's just great fun to listen to. this is pretty basic NYDM that just happens to have slams crammed in, there's not a lot of Deathcore found here apart from the Blast/groove template material operates from and you are completely bombarded with the most intense, visceral, white-knuckled savagery that only a band like this can deliver. for fans 420, Between Two Evils, Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized, Dying Fetus, Entorturement and Repudilation, DON'T FUCKING MISS IT !!!

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Meathook Putrescent - Exhumed the Disembowelment (Album 2022)

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Disgustingly low and which provide some Headbangable sections once in a while. Other times, just fucking freeze! Most of the time, slow to mid tempo BDM, Particularly in Elongated Breakdown parts, and the tempo changes here and there are just aiding it raw sound more interesting with lyrics are obscure, perverse, sick etc., and serve to make the impact of the music complete - Brutal and Sick. formed in 2018 when Herry SIC (Vokill, Programming) meet Dodot (Guitar,Bass) becoming into one scene Blitar city areas. Directionless chugging has been Practically patented by shitty East Coast bands, and there's no talent here to get in the way of the Boredom here. The Generic Blastbeat tempos is awful, shitty chug-a-lug-a riffing And the vocals are average burping grunts. as from beginning to end, it feels full pressing ; almost as if the band had the intention of starving you Damn mentally it's Absolutely a must, and you're sure to be indulged in it Fuckin immediately.

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Summoning the Redemption - Expulse Through Agony (Album 2022)

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Secara umum SUMMONING THE REDEMPTION dapat mengatakan bahwa telah kehilangan kendali atas tubuh dan pikiran, yang bertentangan dengan banyak pola yang kita didik di masa kecil kita, di mana kita diajarkan untuk menjaga bentuk. Tapi bukan hanya itu, cara bereaksi terhadap musik tidak ditetapkan dan tidak ada aturan yang memberi tahu kita bahwa itu di luar normalitas atau tidak, tetapi SUMMONING THE REDEMPTION hanya bisa kagum dengan fakta bahwa komposisi riff gitar dan dentuman blastbeat bagi banyak orang tidak dapat dipahami, menjengkelkan, dan bahkan extremely berisik, sementara bagi sekelompok orang tertentu merasakan hubungan yang mendalam ketika mendengarkannya. Ada banyak yang dikatakan tentang komunitas metal dan aspek paling negatif yang selalu dikomentari adalah elitisme dan sedikit keragaman musik yang dipraktikkan metalhead, jelas menjadi stereotype, tidak semua fans extreme metal memenuhi karakteristik ini tetapi ada yang bertemu itu dan meskipun ada di semua genre musik extreme. A massive step up in overall heaviness and Evil consistently delivering a solid performance throughout constantly lavished in Magnificent Explosions of guitar and drum work that tend to lose their effect, as if the movie had managed to destroy the Hellish times successively with the same meteor over substance to a new level Insanity. a grade in the vein Vader, Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, Aurora Borealis and Goatwhore.

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Tokoh Fiksi - Algoritma Cacat Logika (Album 2022)

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Kemunculan-nya dengan debut EP " Sabung Naluri " Tahun 2020 lalu, Unit Gerombolan ga tahu diri asal Blitar City, TOKOH FIKSI memang bikin ulah dengan menyajikan gaya Ugal ugal-annya memadukan Acid jazz, Ambient dengan Grinding, Crust ampe Brutal Death Metal. pengaruh musikal engga jelas memang dimulai dari nama Virulence, Caesarean Section, Blorgalakt, Lost Detour hingga Ferocity lumayan melahirkan karakteristik ga warasnya. Proyek engga jelas ini ternyata diam diam pula mempersiapkan debut full album urakan pertamanya yang bermuatan 13 Nomor Ambigu namun siap bikin pendengarnya membisu ! yups selangkah lebih sinting, materinya dijamin bikin pendengarnya Dehidrasi hingga kram otak, bagaimana tiba tiba tempo hening kemudian membombardir serangan tak terduga dan tak terprediksi. and The song structures are just as unconventional as the song structures of chaotic in praise, in which the riffs and drum change a lot throughout each song and it mixes Acid Jazz with BDM riffs. No neo classical melody enters music yet, however. Nothing is that repetitive at all, and this material musical style Hedonism defines the sound of Grinding Butchery and crushed your ear, flawlessly.

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Excremental Ingestment - Absorbing the Horrid Cadavers (Album 2022)

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EXCREMENTAL INGESTMENT formed in 2019 in Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia by Herry SIC. It's cool in that while it's genuinely brutal and face melting with The general formula for materialized is power chord riff after power chord riff with occasional sixteenth notes, pinch harmonics, and slam riffs to bringing a highly refreshing change of pace with the evolution of Death Metal seeming to gravitate toward obnoxiously flashy. Disgorge is the polar opposite of those types. This is fast, this is angry, this is emotional and raw. EXCREMENTAL INGESTMENT is pure hate and rage, there is no room for pretentiousness and they are not out simply to prove how good they are at their instruments and how they were multilayered and you could hear a depth commanding low roar but a vicious piercing accompanied it. The drumming sits in a weird area. It’s immediately noticeable and yet quickly gets relegated to the background due to the mechanical tendencies of the bomb blasts. This is definitely something to be appreciated while lifting weights/running/exercising, it's fast brutality as hell and it'll pump you up. This is a quick fix hormonal injection, yet has surprisingly a lot of staying power unlike other track in it's purpose and nature, EXCREMENTAL INGESTMENT don't tend to repeat themselves very often and there's just a whole bunch of riffs packed into each song. There's no subtlety here, nothing really different or interesting beyond the vocals. What it lacks in depth and novelty, it makes up for in pure adrenaline. If you're looking for something a little more musically Sophisticated. This is brutality in its purest form, plain and simple. It pummels, pulverizes, and putrefies everyone it encounters !

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