DARKENS Compilation - Special for the True Blacker !

DARKENS Compilation - Special for the True Blacker !

DARKENS Compilation, Kompilasi kegelapan yang spesial Reprisal Promotions persembahkan for the true blacker ! menampilkan track-track baru yang belum pernah kalian dengar sebelumnya serta beberapa roster band hitam terbaru yang mempublish single dari debut gress-nya. check Halls of Blasphemy, Infernal Storms, Wardemonic Legions, Verrine, Coldest Domains, Mysticraft, Darkest Aeons, Spiritual Deformity, Casket Throne, Psycomantum & Slavesun. Komplasi Keras Black Metal Anti Loyo Dijamin Bakal Ngasih Tamparan Yang Lebih Berarti Untuk Tidak Main Main Di Genre Yang Notabene Kelam Dan Mengerikan Ini. comes along and just absolutely decimates it's competition. This is one of those various Artist, it really needs to be heard to be believed.

Blitar Black Metal comes to achieving the atmosphere and darkness the song evoked written in an old fashioned style and glamfuck. The combination of furious aggression, profanity, sensual gothic undertones, and dark, sinister atmosphere was simply impossible to resist and I found myself literally obsessing over enjoyment has not at all diminished with time meticulously structured to give equal emphasis. essentially provides the cinematic gothicism that characterises stylized. Perfectly mixed, they complement the twin guitar melodies to form an aural experience that is at once beautiful and haunting, yet also emotive and energised. listening for single " I am the Venomous ", are dexterous without being arrogant, and emotive without being weepy. All of these aspects combine to create an outstanding listening experience for fans Cradle Of Filth, Agathodaimon or Cardinal Sin It remains today as a glorious example of metal’s transcendent quality.

Born as Darkest Aeons from land of Blitar city play Melodic Black metal combine melodic riffs that have a dark edge in them. This gives the overall sound of the riffs a mix of darkness and lightness, which works well, melancholy riffs and an incredible atmosphere of power and coming with The drums beat in fast, intense and chaotic patterns, also mixed in with some slower and technical beat patterns, and it is executed well. the cold bare scenery of black metal. The music is eminently epic, gleaming with triumphant themes of poetic expressiveness and profound tragedy and adorned with profusely melodious constructions guiding the central solemn spirit of the songs towards culminating highs. brightened up by fleeting bio-luminescent creatures in the form of enchanting melodic flickering in the vein Sacramentum, Lord Belial and maybe Summoning. bring a harmonious yet still spirited break from the hectic riffing and blasts, ephemeral allow a deeper level yet of calm and serenity amidst the aural hyperactivity, as a chance for the listener to reflect and better appreciate the ongoing solemness.

MYSTICRAFT comes from Blitar city, East Java - Indonesia play traditional melodic Black metal with melodies construct a haunting crescendo into what can only be described as one of the genre's finest moments. Even if the impression of melody as benign musical ingredient has been enforced and reaffirmed by countless black metal bands since, Mysticraft comes with simplified style to enjoy Headbanging ! riffs emphasize beauty over blackened convention Although melodic black metal favours mediocrity more than most sub-genres. Nevertheless, what you experienced is exactly the opposite; the anaesthetics are numbing your sense of time but it does not stop you from feeling the tremendous pain. It’s very hard to put in words but imagine yourself walking deep in the woods, surrounded by nothing but dead trees while you slowly levitate from the ground, watching the blood of sacrifices being spilled on the pale white snow beneath you.

Play Classic mid-'90s black metal in the northern style with brutality essentialy ! The compositions are quite dynamic, with pretty much every song running the gamut of tempos and feeling almost like mini-epics, each building to its own climax and yet also forming a cohesive whole responsible for the majority of the throat-shredding blasphemies. as the bleak harmonies build tension, pushing the listener closer toward the edge. the eventually gives way to fast than faster, more melodic section which serves as a release for the misery that has been growing, stabbing you right in the heart like a shard of ice. Whether you are a fan of their primary band, or just early just '90s Scandinavian black metal in general, in the name of The Abyss goes through a variety of moods that drag you into some bizarre place where sorrow reigns.

SPIRITUAL DEFORMITY, is a meaning where the human journey in spiritual many experiences lost in the goal. did not find anything that was promised other than just turning the previous state into worthless even though it had to find an identity. SPIRITUAL DEFORMITY is an escalation of thinking in music which was initiated in Blitar City, East Java. not much to offer anything superfluous and useless to brag even if only a little, this is a musical reflection that takes shelter among the blasphemous rain of human malice on the other hand is terrible.As a personal search as part of the unseen, invisible that contributes to uniqueness and can unite with transcendental values to become more meaningful, realize the whole soul, seek goals, and understand the spirit as that which gives life to the essence of life. it's blast-blast, screech-screech from start to finish, with little or no variation. While rhythm guitars are generally set to be mid-driven distortions, the overall sound is maintained throughout and is of course exceptionally consistent.

WARDEMONIC LEGIONS first formed since the deposition of thoughts that deviate from what you have ever thought, this is like a black revelation that lands in the deepest recesses of the heart of sin. What was a dark spell in the life of a fierce fight became a whirlwind of the most violent tornado in human life. offers nothing but a dark life in the most evil fragments of walls with the eternal power of a death night music. This is a small project in collaboration with the most evil of demons. offering what is a curse without penance barbarous sins that come from the storm of the small town of Blitar in East Java, welcome to the gates of hell hell that will silence the tears of damned. just in the mood for some hyper fast, angry, vengeful black metal. And that is exactly what WARDEMONIC LEGIONS are. more come incredibly precise, and incredibly fast. The sound and mix is also downright beast, and the effect that they have overall cannot be denied. It's just so powerful, the way they drive the songs forward.