Clenzed Rex


Clenzed Rex born from departing from the dream for a long time the desire to make arrangements that have more challenges than not just wishful thinking, it feels like a dream come true when my obsession began to materialize since really long plan. formed by Herry SIC to play all Everything here and started out with a complete Straightforward in the vein Thrash, Metallicore and Death metal stay create something so delicate yet insanely beautiful and imaginatively inspiring come from listening a lot stuff Old TM/DM bands like Death, Pestilence, Cynic, Sacrosanct, Polluted Inheritance, Carcariass and Atheist were clearly exploring and expanding the boundaries of the genre's definition, grafting fluctuations of form into the marrow of compositions.

Combinations that shouldn't work but never sound anything less than divinely inspired. Some parts of this album deliver a Abstract, mind-purifying atmosphere and some parts have the rollicking propulsion of traditional DM, albeit with a Hyperactive Riff that flails with a sense of purpose all over the place. Effectiveness in switching from softer to harder sections almost defies belief. Sometimes the shift is abrupt and sometimes the band transitions subtly from one to the other or even plays energetic progressions and abstract passages at the same time capable of playing crunchy riffs, intricate polyrhythms, and sparse Metallicore bits in equal measures. come with some simple solos are particularly commendable, eschewing the shredding insanity endemic to DM and focusing instead on calmer, Metallic, and more expressive excursions that carry a cosmic vibe.

One that gives all the instruments the prominence they need and deserve. Clenzed Rex walked one tightrope after another as they made this album and the most crucial one was the challenge of crafting a dense, complex material that was just spacy enough to be inviting rather than Intimidating, one that highlighted all the instruments and gave people a chance to perceive all the musical interactions the band demonstrates.

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Clenzed Rex - Realized the Endless Kill (2019)


01. Insanity 04:39
02. Cultural Murder 05:28
03. Prejudiced Disease 03:31
04. Obsolete Identities 03:44
05. Feast for the Wolves 04:46
06. Brutal Kill 03:19
07. Suffer Alone my Hatred 03:05
08. Realized the Endless Maze 03:19
09. Unscrupulous Tyrant 04:09

Total running time 00:36:12