Meathook Putrescent

Disgustingly low and which provide some Headbangable sections once in a while. Other times, just fucking freeze! Most of the time, slow to mid tempo BDM, Particularly in Elongated Breakdown parts, and the tempo changes here and there are just aiding it raw sound more interesting with lyrics are obscure, perverse, sick etc., and serve to make the impact of the music complete - Brutal and Sick. formed in 2018 when Herry SIC (Vokill, Programming) meet Dodot (Guitar,Bass) becoming into one scene Blitar city areas. Directionless chugging has been Practically patented by shitty East Coast bands, and there's no talent here to get in the way of the Boredom here. The Generic Blastbeat tempos is awful, shitty chug-a-lug-a riffing And the vocals are average burping grunts. as from beginning to end, it feels full pressing ; almost as if the band had the intention of starving you Damn mentally it's Absolutely a must, and you're sure to be indulged in it Fuckin immediately. Enjoy stay Brutal and Sick!


Violently Consuming Shit ' Demo 2019


01. Violently Consuming Shit
02. Inhaling the Stench Vagina