Slavesun - The Rising Vehemence (2019)


Slavesun - The Rising Vehemence (2019)


01. Into the Light 01:08
02. The Primeval Chaos 05:23
03. Under Golden the Ages 05:13
04. Vicous Circle Eternal 06:13
05. Grand Millenium the Malediction 04:04
06. The Rising Vehemence 04:48
07. The Final Battle of Thunder 05:05
08. Vengeance The Enthroned 04:58
09. Sekhmet : The Exterminator 04:29
10. The Primordial Supremacy 04:44
11. The Ultimate Profanation 05:26
12. Troops of Doom (Sepultura cover) 02:46

Total running time : 00:54:21

Faster than faster Production values and all over the place Uncompromised compositional Blackened Metal Approach. operate within the stylistically vague realm commonly referred to as " Blackened Death metal ", playing songs that are DM in structure and technique, with Black Metal Atmospherics and Esoteric concept the songs employ riffs that are efficiently consonant and Interconnected in transitions which are marked by sudden alterations of structural patterns to redirect flow or change mood, maintaining a constant Equilibrium of Intensity and Melody, Aggressively propelled by Surging, Relentless Rhythmical motion. Especially for Fans of Infernal War, Frozen Shadows, Behemoth, and Morbid Angel. The main melodies Emerge Characteristically from the interior of the non stop barrage of musical momentum and force that provides the foundation of songs, while remaining committed to the defining stylistic aspects and unfailingly focused on the singular thematic Realization.

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