Verrine - Glorious the Misanthropy (2020)


Verrine - Glorious the Misanthropy (2020)

Tracklist :

01. Glorious the Misanthropy 04:27
02. Hymns the Blasphemy 05:33
03. Sanctimonious Vultures 04:19
04. Godless the Science 04:41
05. Crush and Burn 04:57
06. An Miasmic Rapture 05:51

Total running time : 00:29:50

This is considered a definitive Faster than faster black metal and for good reason. The atmosphere and rawness of this musical is horrified recognizable. Indeed, most of the Second Wave probably falls under that description, but Verrine were highbrow by fast and contrast. They brought about the rabid Barbaric aggression of fast black metal, but with it a regal sophistication that seems years beyond the capability destruction world of war disorder ! outstretched their practical reach here. The result is an atmospheric, dense album where some of the mystique lies in the fact you know the mix has robbed you of hearing everything in its full glory. The surprise dynamic shifts they guide the songwriting are most satisfying when you're totally familiar with the material and know when to expect something new to display a characteristic tone quality that sets is apart and immediately recognizable to any BM Enthusiast it seems to have played a pretty big part in spreading the general sentiment of Anybody can make a big majestic BM material ! Yes, you! Even if you lack the songwriting skills to pull it off, just stack some synths on top of it and make it sound big and people will eat it right up! one of the great things about this release, the songs. They are written and arranged well. So well in fact, that most of the material here is absolutely memorable - you keep thinking of certain riffs, such as the crushing display of power especially for fans Infernal War, Marduk, Azarath, Ravensblood, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Tsjuder and Setherial. It is a furious, insanely vicious and bloodthirsty infernal blasting black/death metal. But the riffage is better and better, so are the ideas, arrangements... I feel like everything is more interesting and capturing, but without compromising or losing the madness and chaos, which characterized Verinne from the very beginning, because this band fuckin rules !

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