Vulgar Butchered - Violent Spasms and Decaying Enzymes EP (2017)


Vulgar Butchered - Violent Spasms and Decaying Enzymes EP (2017)


01. Violent Spasms and Decaying Enzymes 04:10
02. Disgorgement The Excrete Gurgling Rotten 03:11
03. Oozing Sanguous The Mortified Enthrailment 03:52
04. Rupturing Internal Organs 04:25
05. Release Deadly Secretion 03:11

First Release on 2017 SOLD OUT !!! Now Re-Release with New Mastering 2020

Groovy, Chuggy, and Brutal, Fuckin riffed their way through the material without relenting, making it a trademark release in death metal clan. this mean, there's no denying it. was released, Ajojing death metal bands started popping up all over the place. In terms of composition, you can hear how better they got at Groovy Attack and Breakdown to complement the Monolithic Hardcore Metal influenced brutal death metal riffing. Also the music in general is more memorable and expressive, more violent. change themes more often in this material, songs are more real dynamic and less repetitive, in this case it's a good thing. Apart from that you have the band's trademark sound. Fast blast beat sections mixed with hardcore riffs thrown in here and there, and heavy breakdowns, decorated with nice broken guitar playing techniques. Bring back the trademark of 420, Between Two Evils, Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized, Dying Fetus, Entorturement and Repudilation keep being relentless and Aggressive, Gore, Mayhem and Generally Brutality, a word favoured by many DM freak fans.

VULGAR BUTCHERED, Side Project Ga jelas dari Herry SIC yang coba mengakomodinir kesegaran Death Metal dalam warna Ajojing dengan elemen yang masih berat menggilas lewat partisi kebencian lengkap dengan Gaya Hedonis Hura hura. Proyek kecil yang diharap makin menambah warna baru di Scene Tanah Air yang Jika hari ini Slamming BDM standard terlalu banyak mendominasi Kebodohan fans untuk mereguk stereotype karakteristik, jelas kalian sedang menginginkan nutrisi musik yang lebih menyegarkan daripada menikmati goyangan patah-patah lambat nan monoton yang makin membosankan itu. ingin menikmati suasana ajojing sebenarnya? Beruntung New York Death Metal punya solusi-nya, all hail to Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Suffocation, Repudilation, Entorturement meregangkan lagi pengaruh bernyawa hingga provokasi lahir-nya the Next Generation. SLAM GROOVY NOT IS FUCKIN SLAMMING, REMIND FIRST DAMN !!!

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