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Excremental Ingestment - Absorbing the Horrid Cadavers (Album 2022)

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EXCREMENTAL INGESTMENT formed in 2019 in Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia by Herry SIC. It's cool in that while it's genuinely brutal and face melting with The general formula for materialized is power chord riff after power chord riff with occasional sixteenth notes, pinch harmonics, and slam riffs to bringing a highly refreshing change of pace with the evolution of Death Metal seeming to gravitate toward obnoxiously flashy. Disgorge is the polar opposite of those types. This is fast, this is angry, this is emotional and raw. EXCREMENTAL INGESTMENT is pure hate and rage, there is no room for pretentiousness and they are not out simply to prove how good they are at their instruments and how they were multilayered and you could hear a depth commanding low roar but a vicious piercing accompanied it. The drumming sits in a weird area. It’s immediately noticeable and yet quickly gets relegated to the background due to the mechanical tendencies of the bomb blasts. This is definitely something to be appreciated while lifting weights/running/exercising, it's fast brutality as hell and it'll pump you up. This is a quick fix hormonal injection, yet has surprisingly a lot of staying power unlike other track in it's purpose and nature, EXCREMENTAL INGESTMENT don't tend to repeat themselves very often and there's just a whole bunch of riffs packed into each song. There's no subtlety here, nothing really different or interesting beyond the vocals. What it lacks in depth and novelty, it makes up for in pure adrenaline. If you're looking for something a little more musically Sophisticated. This is brutality in its purest form, plain and simple. It pummels, pulverizes, and putrefies everyone it encounters !

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