Coba menggagas tantangan baru dengan mengusung warna vulgar dan raw, xUnrealityx coba hadir ngasih sedikit penyegaran dari warna dasar sebagai Crustcore ! spirit inovator ugal-ugala para pioner seperti Disrupt, Tragedy, Doom hingga Discharge telah ngasih kontribusi kebisingan baru, apalagi xUnrealityx telah menambahkan lagi elemen Blasting snare sehingga kemurnian konsep hampir tercerai berai dengan gila-nya Grindcore ! Coordinated assault of rhythm and converging, chromatic riffs that almost devoid of melody become pure motion in both the whipping speed of their creation and the change of tone in consistent increments to suggest direction, as muted in chromatic tones or expanded in whole notes. Very much like a deadened form of hardcore in this regard, it relies on heavy repetitive strumming and percussive breakdown underneath seething shriek of high-end tones. While contiguous in its melodic formation this release unifies its songs by rhythm and makes from aesthetic, a grinding sense of chaotic and unfathomable structure. selamat datang di kehancuran dunia penuh manusia serakah dan munafik ini, with pattern of simply chord grinding riffs highlighted with longer, often single-note-picked melodic lead riffs which add an atmospheric context to the raw fomenting id thrust forth by the simpler riffing.

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