Doomed Inherit

This is surely some of the most violent and ripping metal music you're ever going to hear in your entire life. I already mentioned the song that opened horrify pandora's box. It's easy to see the pattern here. About 80% of the songs have ear-worm choruses and/or standout riffs. The riffs played here are super memorable and really heavy. There are sections where the riffs are tremolo picked frenzies which just stick in your head after your hear them, then the crushing breakdowns which follow. These breakdowns destroy everything in their path, they're not the breakdowns that were used and abused by mallcore scene bands, but truly heavy breakdowns that just slay everything in their path.If you're somebody whose exploring the roots of death metal, or a longtime fan of the genre looking to relive the 80's and 90’s, then this as an material for you. It’s reminiscent of a time when bands like Death, Solstice, and Malevolent Creation were making this debuts. This band was also incredibly nice at writing wild but punctual riffing that helped whip the muted pummeling into an added frenzy. were very apt at creating a momentum here and then following it through, even when the breakdowns occur you just know they're about to fire back into a storm of onrushing traffic !!

Doomed Inherit - The Resurrection ' Single 2022

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