Darkest Aeons

Born as Darkest Aeons from land of Blitar city play Melodic Black metal combine melodic riffs that have a dark edge in them. This gives the overall sound of the riffs a mix of darkness and lightness, which works well, melancholy riffs and an incredible atmosphere of power and coming with The drums beat in fast, intense and chaotic patterns, also mixed in with some slower and technical beat patterns, and it is executed well. the cold bare scenery of black metal. The music is eminently epic, gleaming with triumphant themes of poetic expressiveness and profound tragedy and adorned with profusely melodious constructions guiding the central solemn spirit of the songs towards culminating highs. brightened up by fleeting bio-luminescent creatures in the form of enchanting melodic flickering in the vein Sacramentum, Lord Belial and maybe Summoning. bring a harmonious yet still spirited break from the hectic riffing and blasts, ephemeral allow a deeper level yet of calm and serenity amidst the aural hyperactivity, as a chance for the listener to reflect and better appreciate the ongoing solemness.

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