[ N e w s ] OUT NOW Darkhymns - Deadly the Mindless ' Single 2023

Darkhymns - Deadly the Mindless ' Single 2023


01. Deadly the Mindless 04:34

Total runningtime 00:04:34

Darkhymns formed from Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia try bring a big step forward with regards to the music, here Darkhymns comes out as the making of the music, I don't know if this role was already exercised but in this material really marks it, we are not simply finding in the songs a fluid interpretation of black metal with a lot of external elements belonging to a diverse amount of subgenres that go from crust punk to death metal, but also they are able to create some outstanding and beautiful harmonic passages that really work incredibly well when it comes to make a song stand out. Most of the songs have enough personality with the quality of their structure and riffs to be memorable, but in case this doesn't work they have these moments of extreme melody for the best part is that the few songs that don't get to add this and don't shine in musical aspects on their own happen to be the shortest songs on the materialized, so it's win after win giving us a multitude of memorable moments, fuck you all !!!

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