Bullshit Propaganda

Napalm Death’s development was like many bands, a steady shuffling of puzzle pieces. The players from their exceptional debut were splintered in a thousand directions rather quickly. In fact, three years later only drummer Mick Harris remained. The lineup would continue to shift, but this snapshot of players proved to be special. “Harmony Corruption” is a strong, no-frills death metal record that retains their powerful blast beat-crazed style along with corrosive crust-punk guitar riffing, all served up in a collection of longer songs that stand the test of time.

BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA come from Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia still a manifesto of sorts in the songwriting. Everything that Napalm Death era would try on and discard in the next decade is present here: hyper-spastic grind bombast, bruising hardcore grooves, pummeling mid-tempo death metal pop up in the sound delivered with a fury and abandon that would later ebb away (only to be reinvigorated in early 00's when other bands who loved this record upped it's ante). Let's look at the sound and riff structure first off. If you have the metal zone pedal more power to ya because the distortion here is maxed out. If you haven't heard this album, the crunch tone is monumental and contains so much thick fuzz that an amplifier can dish out. Next, the riff writing was not overtly complicated and technical. It is just heavy, fast and insanely intense. Their riffs are composed of bar chord usage, tremolo picked notes and fueled with so much energy. To me, the riffs were wholly amazing and flowed well for each song. The production makes the music a little bit hard to hear everything though, that's the only downside. So the album has a little bit of a "live" sound to it. However, all of the instruments and vocals were well mixed together despite this. The sounds of the instruments and vocals material are realistic . the sound is peculiarly hellish in nature, with a certain intensity that isn't communicated by any one feature alone. Maybe it's the guitar tone with its very simple yet intense distortion, or the sudden arrival of full-fledged death growls instead of the fuckin shouts.