Whatevergrind of Unit Experimental/Grind from Blitar city, East Java - Indonesia, The overt satire in the music finds meaning from being blended into the unsettling quality of a darker atmosphere. Unique fare metal on its own would've run out of fuel fast, and plenty of that marriage between dark and bizarre ! authentic themes that have that distinct original feel, with unique Bassist chord progressions. these turn into more of an intentionally clunky, happier display of musicianship and deep vocal tricks over-flooding the tracks. Which is understandable given the environment here, but it does push the intensity back a few levels as we move along with the band from their weightier atmospheres to now this highly colorful and in full daylight with it's jazzy moody. It's obvious the sort of range and presence his charismatic vocals bring - but although being silly was a prerequisite on such a record they can be self-indulgent, too flamboyant even for this. It's difficult to say what the right balance should be when the project is extroversion itself, but the voice might get a bit on the irritant side of the listener every now and then. This very well could've been just a step away from greatness but decided the fun was bigger than the ambition.