Hardly the most convincing metamorphosis witnessed during the 90's with it's still interesting, but quite flawed blend of the nice old Thrash and the trend groovy/agro tunes with modern and the old school Death/Thrash Hybridization has been manipulated several times throughout the years : it can always take another one, Especially from a bunch of ever conforming Indonesian Death/Thrasher assault !

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Diorama Phobia (2019)


01. Your Religion Hold And Blind 03:27
02. Internal Mind Perceptions 03:35
03. Exposing The Grandest Of Schemes 03:45
04. Hijack 05:46
05. Awakening The Dream 03:52
06. I'm The Grand Orchestrator 04:13
07. A Continuum Beyond Time 04:33
08. Breaking Down, I Worship The Insane 04:24
09. Pain Code 03:56
10. Fireball Expansion 04:15

Total running time : 00:41:47