Festering Corpses

Is the unused soundtrack for Texas Chainsaw Massacre? A guttural murder-fest discarded from the final release because it out-shined the actual film? I'm joking, but this is the atmosphere Festering Corpses Musical conjures, that of a seedy snuff film distributed and venerated by a legion of underground pervs, jerking off to every viewing with as much delight as their first wank. It's popular because its more or less a complete package of BDM by the numbers, nothing here is out of the ordinary and everything is a cliche. Being one of the most well known and most influential bands in BDM in the veins.

blend together because although they are all extremely chaotic, they use the exact same kind of chaos for every song, and this manifests in both the songwriting and the individual efforts form the band. all the riffs fall under three basic flavors: sharp staccato runs quickly changing pace, mid to high range tremelo picked held notes, and slow crushing sections. No solos come into play, and the tempo never tends to either a very high speed or a slow slam speed. None of the riffs really stick to my head, because they are all essentially the same three types of riffs played on different ends of the scale. The tempo changes and lightning fast staccatos are intenses impressive, but none of them really grab you by the balls and force you to bang your head or step back from the speaker's in awe of a crushing auditory assault. There is little apparent passion or ferocity outside of a savagely brutal ascetic.

The guitar work is equally fascinating. The riffs on display range from razor sharp and ultra precise to blunt and hammer smashing. Each riff carries a strange aura that is equal parts morbidly disgusting and disturbingly urgent. Just imagine a hideous beast whose presence emanates a foul, stomach turning stench, and whose dismal sight is surely to provoke severe vomiting, or else, violent seizure. That is what the riffs would appear like if they were ever to take tangible form. The guttural roars delivered by the vocalist is what this monstrosity would sound like if it ever decided to speak.  

Official Information

Disembodied Mastectomies (2020)


01. Shredded Flesh the Overflowing 03:37
02. Secretion Anal Murder 02:56
03. Ripped Across from Side to Side 02:45
04. Rectum Explodes 02:52
05. I Reconstruct her Corpse to Fuck 03:08
06. Cunts Impaled 02:18
07. Disembodied Mastectomies 03:06
08. Straight Blast on Broken Organs 02:51

Total running time : 00:23:37