Filosopheme (born as Far From the Sun) was a Blitar, East Java, Indonesian band that took the sounding of Black Metal and Atmospheric Music and combine Depressive Aesthetic to create a sound that really is quite unique and sadness. this would be the soundtrack to give you the courage to go through with it and it's incredibly fitting to the topic. It typifies the New Breed of Depressive BM and has become a primary force behind the genres drive into a more suicidal feel than ever before. Be prepared to feel every bit of depression you have ever felt all at once, as Filosopheme have delivered an astonishing look into affliction and agony through the eyes of the tormented. come with the riffing are simplistic in nature, which is the case with this style of music, but highly effective and absolutely radioactive with emotion and features some very bouncy, but when you take the agonizing vocals into consideration, this makes for a far more dissonant and depressing tune. It is everything depressive music is supposed to be. It embodies depression, sadness, hatred, darkness, and misery, showing you that life is futile and not worth living.

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The end of Praise World ' single (2019)

01. Filosopheme - The end of Praise World 09:05