Pandamonic - Dissective Malignancy (2019)


Pandamonic - Dissective Malignancy (2019)


01. Facial Mastication Cadaveric
02. Panda Forsaken
03. Soaked in Blood and Shit I begin Feasting on the Filth
04. Maggots Slaying Absurd
05. Infanticidal Panda's
06. Discharges of Blobbing Sensations
07. Gribled Wasted
08. Eating the Flesh of your Severed Breasts
09. Beaten Strangled and Fucked in the Ass
10. Dissective Malignancy
11. Rising Stench the Cage
12. Immersed in Feculence
13. Raping Beast
14. Abominably Obsessed with Panda
15. Mangled your Cranium

Total running time : 00:36:55

If all grind was like so funny, there would be almost no problems with the world of grind. Pandamonic keep play sick Goregrind with a nice flair. Vocals are gutfuckingly guttural gurgling, and the guitars follow queue. That isn't to say that there are no audible riffs, though. I can definitely hear some nice riffs at times. Mixture style between Cock and Ball Torture, Old Malignant Tumour, and Squash Bowels, a bit, drum-wise and sometimes vocal-wise. Though CBT are more Breakdown Slam Grooving, Pandamonic reaches its high points with pure grinding asshole. Drums are very often blastbeats, and they raw sound and don't really drag down the material like blastbeats sometimes do. Also, a thumbs up on fills. Some slowdown hardcore parts are also inserted, which I found to be rather satisfying, as the show off nice fuckin drumming and guitars.

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