Summoning the Redemption - Curse the Revelation (2019)


Summoning the Redemption - Curse the Revelation (2019)

Track list  

01. The Sacrificial Gods Blood
02. Curse the Revelation
03. The Angel Legacy
04. Blasphemous Names
05. Fire Beyond the Sun
06. I Awake the Seeds of Rage
07. Demons Breath Awakes
08. Upon the Fate of Our Path
09. Confide the Wolves
10. Piece by Piece (Slayer Cover)

Time Duration : 45 Minutes

“ A massive step up in overall heaviness and Evil consistently delivering a solid performance throughout constantly lavished in Magnificent Explosions of guitar and drum work that tend to lose their effect, as if the movie had managed to destroy the Hellish times successively with the same meteor over substance to a new level Insanity. a grade in the vein Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, Aurora Borealis and Goatwhore. ”