Sebuah eksplorasi dominan sounding yang ada dalam karya ini adalah Atmospheric synthesizer, which function as they would in a progressive band by backing the riff with faster alternating patterns that occasionally take leads to introduce interludes or mutate tempo. Powerful though these are, they rarely compensate for the guitar, which although nondominant is competent despite its adherence to using simple elements of chord progression as fundamental form of the song, sometimes not even twisting a riff from standard direction but dropping a fluid tritone through a chorus. sentuhan violin sebagai penebal taste cool and dark memang menjadi kekuatan epik mendasar. Simple elements defy the window dressing they have been given, but the overall element wears the confusion well as did Greek bands such as Varathron who structured complex songs around the shifting beats and simple chord progressions of basic metal. Engaging, definitely catchy, although pretty vapid underneath the presence of talented musicians improvising on elemental rock ideas.

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Epicurse - Revealing Archaic the Prophecies ' Single 2022

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