Kasar dan menampar, sebuah ungkapan yang menjadi filosofi definitif ketika Fierced harus terlahirkan. tidak ada visi atau misi tersendiri, The Only just playing extreme music ! meminjam kekuatan jahat dari elemen Death metal yang buas, Fierced coba memainkan taste DM in the Vein Malevolent Creation, Solstice atau Diabolic dengan cita rasa khas Fierced sendiri. unrelenting intensity music that throbs through cycles in order to establish a consistency which must be violated, then switching into the next of a rotating series of riffs which eventually conclude at an ungentle tribute to their origins. With guttural vocals pulsing in the foreground, well-produced drums lay down a clear rhythm track which is obliterated by the carefully reigned but still vitriolic blasts of distortion that Fierced are fond of using. Songs often drop from top speed and use death metal conventions of epic but minimal transitions to conclude their themes. High-energy music for intense lives. The buzzsaw sonic spatter of intense distortion is still there, as are the serial rhythm changes (tempo remains, percussion patterns change) and the single-noted tremolo picked rhythm playing, but it has softened into the listenable at the same time like a sharpened knife its simplified fabric has given it a greater chance of impact. here comes the punch death metal assault !!

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Fierced - Trapped Instinch to Kill ' Single 2022

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