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Heathen Horde - The Slaughter Storms (Album 2022)

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Ashes from name Calx And so the journey begins, Heathen Horde set their Heavy Metal course with such impressive debut material. It shows gracefuly harmony of killer riffs, Atmospherical, Aggressive bang guitar and drum work, with many heavy metal's sub-genres combined. This is mix of power metal, melodic death metal, folk metal and progressive metal, with some "blackish" moments. So, it's hard to define this sub-genre of heavy metal music with no Synthesizer. Mix of different sub-genres with Epic Atmosphere from Sacrilege, Ensiferum, Norther, and Children of Bodom resulted totally on Breed of heavy metal called Folking metal. it's just fucking name of that unique heavy metal's sub-genre. Great thing is that this material album has so many songs with different mood. That mood depends on tempo, ambient, progression and domination of heavy metal's sub-genres I already mentioned above. Power, melodic death, folk and progressive metal don't appear in each of these songs together. In a case all of these four appeared in each song, this would be labeled as progressive metal only also sounds so complex and different than anything from other heavy metal.

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