[ N e w s ] OUT NOW The End of Bloodshed Revolution - Temptation

The End of Bloodshed Revolution - Temptation ' 1st Album 2022

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01. Disapproval 05:04
02. Blood Has Been Betrayed 03:46
03. Keep Rising 03:56
04. Befallen on the Masses 04:30
05. It's Homicide 03:08
06. Temptation 04:08
07. Exposes Our Instability 03:51
08. Boundaries Fade the Way 03:44

Total running time 00:32:09

Akhirnya setelah hampir 3 tahun terbengkalai dan memulai dari NOL kembali, materi full album pertama " Temptation " yang telah raib karena kerusakan fatal data yang tidak dapat terselamatkan telah dimuntahkan dengan enerji fresh en Full-nya ketika harus mengulang total semuanya dari awal. sebuah materi yang sangat sayang untuk dilewatkan begitu saja sejak mengendap selama lebih 3 tahun lamanya. formed from the perspective of ideology, thought and despair when humans are increasingly unable to determine his life again. too much destruction from humanity's greed to get to the world in the hope of creating the new world life it wants. because it isn't and we haven't done much about all of this and only through our music will we voice everything until our heart rates don't work, because this is all we can do or not at all. combining the concept of Heavy Hardcore metal with the awesome power of Melodic death metal in the vein is the result of a dramatic fusion between Dead Blue Sky, State Craft, Spineless, Deformity, Eucharist, Morning Again and Arkangel. in the purest sense of the term; they're a hardcore band with metal riffs. While there are some more straight up hardcore riffs and sure does like throwing in the odd breakdown, most of these riffs would sound perfectly at home in a even death metal respectfully. Black metal really doesn't come into the equation aesthetically, but a spitfire Marduk-esque trem riff rears its head every an incredibly brutal breed of hardcore now and again.

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