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Supremator - Swallows the Sorrow ' 2d Albums 2022

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01. Disquietude 01:36
02. The Darkest Pain 05:36
03. Frozen Winds 05:19
04. Harbinger of Winterplague 06:09
05. Crimson Blessed 05:49
06. Swallows the Sorrow 09:36

Musically, this material is very dark; it’s more natural than studio dark, since everything feels like a gust of the outdoors: the washing distortion, melancholic acoustic / clean lapses, and Supremator shrieking like the earth letting loose all of its rage. sudah menjadi Obsesi yang telah mengerak beberapa tahun silam sebelum Booming sialan-nya membentuk trend yang terlalu diagung agungkan menjadi persepsi tidak jelas akan keberadaannya. Supremator adalah band Black metal yang menyuarakan kepedihan, kesedihan dan Keputus asaan manusia. secara mendasar komposisi BM adalah pakem yang semakin abstrak dengan sentuhan sentuhan Synthesizer engga jelas untuk memberikan landscape megah dan gelap tentunya. never beat a riff to death, incorporating enough variance to make the material interesting; at the same time, it is similar enough to ensure the album is very tight and cohesive. Nothing really seems out of place. The drumming is loud, demonstrating versatility behind a kit. is a very able fast beat, and is also very quick on the double kick. Something that also impressed me were his drum fills--not a single piece of his kit goes untouched in a given song. pretentious, maybe, but it adds some flair to each track.

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