Halls Of Blasphemy

HALLS OF BLASPHEMY play a raw black metal, boasts some impressive sections of metal, the songwriting is hardly cohesive, The music isn't exceptional, but it is certainly good in parts, but the songwriting is nice as dark. The mid to late 90s saw countless black metal bands using and abusing keyboards for atmosphere, often more as a novelty than a well-integrated instrument. While the contrast of the raw black metal sections is listenable. There are no extraneous over-the-top musical experiments taking place Just concise, hate filled, totalitarian doctrines the bestial way are outlined via the indifferent soundscape. showcases some of the recognizable talents behind the musical instruments. Riffs run rampant, blast beats grow in strength as the music progresses and the almost absent bass sharpens the sound of the genocidal hymns and faeriness somehow found Satan again and started exorcising his erstwhile favorite creatures, disgorging them from his newly blasphemous rectum.

It might be due to the arrangement on the title track, which has the same influence on the listener like a volcanic eruption on the fauna close to the volcano. Astonishing and perplexing is the kind of arrangement the band chose, after a choir part gave the demo such a peaceful atmosphere. This cheerful harmony was violently disrupted first by a distorted scream and then some extraordinary weird guitar arrangement; which sound sampled, though. Yet this is only the beginning of the mess or brilliant attempt in which the elements of the song have been woven together. Brilliance and madness are always close together and both often appear in a unity. What degree any of them had an influence is mere guesswork, though. knowledge of music is too limited to judge whether the played riffs are accordingly to any rule of musicianship or if they are merely some kind of attempt to create a chaotic atmosphere; the problem darkest and insanity.

Halls Of Blasphemy - Rise ov Abaddon ' Demo 2022

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Tracklist :

01. The Gates of Destroyed Heavens
02. The Great Armageddon

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