Spiritual Deformity

Spiritual Deformity, is a meaning where the human journey in spiritual many experiences lost in the goal. did not find anything that was promised other than just turning the previous state into worthless even though it had to find an identity. Spiritual Deformity is an escalation of thinking in music which was initiated in Blitar City, East Java. not much to offer anything superfluous and useless to brag even if only a little, this is a musical reflection that takes shelter among the blasphemous rain of human malice on the other hand is terrible.As a personal search as part of the unseen, invisible that contributes to uniqueness and can unite with transcendental values to become more meaningful, realize the whole soul, seek goals, and understand the spirit as that which gives life to the essence of life. it's blast-blast, screech-screech from start to finish, with little or no variation. While rhythm guitars are generally set to be mid-driven distortions, the overall sound is maintained throughout and is of course exceptionally consistent.

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