Wardemonic Legions

Wardemonic Legions first formed since the deposition of thoughts that deviate from what you have ever thought, this is like a black revelation that lands in the deepest recesses of the heart of sin. What was a dark spell in the life of a fierce fight became a whirlwind of the most violent tornado in human life. offers nothing but a dark life in the most evil fragments of walls with the eternal power of a death night music. This is a small project in collaboration with the most evil of demons. offering what is a curse without penance barbarous sins that come from the storm of the small town of Blitar in East Java, welcome to the gates of hell hell that will silence the tears of damned. just in the mood for some hyper fast, angry, vengeful black metal. And that is exactly what Wardemonic Legions are. more come incredibly precise, and incredibly fast. The sound and mix is also downright beast, and the effect that they have overall cannot be denied. It's just so powerful, the way they drive the songs forward.

Band Official Information