[ N e w s ] In Cold Depression 4 Way Split - Dark Project Reprisal Promotions

In Cold Depression 4 Way Split OUT NOW !!!

Tracklist :

01. Bekkhu - Turbulent Wisdom 05:58
02. Bekkhu - The Eternal Gloom 05:49
03. Coldest Domains - Torn from the Void 07:31
04. Coldest Domains - I Call for an Oblivion 07:13
05. Dead Coagulate - Deeper of the Soundscape 12:13
06. Frustated - The Wounds of Yearning 05:08
07. Frustated - The Ruins of Bliss 05:09

Total runningtime : 00:49:02

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Proyek depresif dan sangat gelap " In Cold Depression 4 Way Split " dirilis oleh Reprisal Promotions menjadi debut perdana ditahun 2023 untuk genre Black Metal underrated yang menampilkan 4 band angker penghuni kegelapan bernyawa dari Blitar City, BEKKHU, COLDEST DOMAINS, DEAD COAGULATE dan FRUSTATED. proyak haram jahanam yang tidak diinginkan untuk dirilis akhirnya bisa terkemas bersama dalam 1 liang kekal depresif.

Part of what makes the sound so compelling is the inherent musicality. It's easy to joke about black metal as little more than a series of heavily-distorted minor chords, and the joke is often not too distant from the truth. Not here, though. The clarity of intent behind In Cold Depression shows through in unexpected but well-fitting moves like wistful major chords, Scream vocals and a power-harmonic-inspired guitar riff that closes the material with a raw sound that relies on its familiarity to embolden its sorrowful tone with horrific. 

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