[ N e w s ] OUT NOW Hitam - Abandoned ' Demo 2023

Hitam - Abandoned ' Demo 2023


01. I am Anxious 07:18
02. Die in the Emptiness 06:37

Total runningtime 00:13:56

Hitam formed on 2022 from Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia. Come Musically speaking, Hitam seem to derive much of their influence from Bathory. The tortured, shrieking vocals properly emulate the horrid screams of " Under the Sign of the Black Mark " era. Likewise, the rawness is a match for the 1987 classic. The primitive riff structure is more reminiscent of Hellhammer: simplistic: bludgeoning: somewhat catchy. Not surprisingly, the bass is hard to decipher from the sharp guitar. In complete contrast to many of their fellow black metal bands, Hitam more keep depressive and suicidal style on Black metal elements. Drum patters are much greater in variation then say, Immortal, with slow tempo doom metal mixed with a typical depressive. Though many would be pleased by the lack of persistent blast beats, Hitam take their separation from downbeat standard depressive black metal tempo to the extreme.

The first piece of damnation and the leading drive behind their songs is the guitars. The guitars, obese with heaviness, slowly goes on the Slim Fast diet as each album after this proceeds. The riffs interchange between fast pumping chugged moments, to slow palm mutes and sometimes single note doominess. The production on his guitars is mildly reverbed, but is also heavily distorted and full and thick sounding. there is a short section where he uses a pedal to compress the sound and alter reality on this cosmic force of interchangeable feats. for an abstract style of dark music, rather than an all-out physically aggressive side. Hitam possessed many of these attributes, however they would indeed stand apart from others. The band on from upcoming debut had steadied themselves to add more consistent mid-paced sections.

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