[ N e w s ] OUT NOW Mysticraft - Toward the Infernal Beast ' Single 2023

Mysticraft - Toward the Infernal Beast ' Single 2023


01. Toward the Infernal Beast 05.04

Total runningtime 00:05:04

MYSTICRAFT comes from Blitar city, East Java - Indonesia play traditional melodic Black metal with melodies construct a haunting crescendo into what can only be described as one of the genre's finest moments. Even if the impression of melody as benign musical ingredient has been enforced and reaffirmed by countless black metal bands since, Mysticraft comes with simplified style to enjoy Headbanging ! riffs emphasize beauty over blackened convention Although melodic black metal favours mediocrity more than most sub-genres. Nevertheless, what you experienced is exactly the opposite; the anaesthetics are numbing your sense of time but it does not stop you from feeling the tremendous pain. It’s very hard to put in words but imagine yourself walking deep in the woods, surrounded by nothing but dead trees while you slowly levitate from the ground, watching the blood of sacrifices being spilled on the pale white snow beneath you.

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