# Slavesun - Majesty (The Scent of Victory)


01. When These Gods Dethroned (Chapter. I) 03:16
02. Embalmed the Ancient Gods 03:29
03. The Immortal Wounds 04:01
04. Rise From Thy Lair 04:10
05. I Am Flame and Fire 04:45
06. Scorched Gates of Hell and Paradise (Chapter. II) 01:05
07. Envy Burning From Within 04:26
08. Majesty (The Scent of Victory) 04:27
09. Subconscious Insanity 04:03
10. The Equilibrium Beast 03:51
11. Immense the Annexation 03:39
12. From Throes and Prevail (Chapter. III) 06:03

Total Runningtime 00:47:19

With the drums full beating blindly, the buzz-saw low tune guitar work and the immense, Multi-layered, Demonic vokill, this high expectations for " Majesty (The Scent of Victory) " more Sophisticate materialized from the abyss !!! with borders on the technical and complex, primarily concerning fuckbeat masterfully-crafted drum tracks, Dissonant tremolos stir a murky brew of flesh-searing hooks and snappy, serpentine rhythms and sustained growls are parched, full and sepulchral as all get out, sitting atop a throne of blood, bone and pretense. a rather interesting set of lyrical references over the top of a set of grim musical sections that bear the most resemblance to their black metal roots of all the songs on here. Take away the hyper speed drumming and what you have isn’t all that far removed from an odd sensation of coldness. well " Majesty (The Scent of Victory) " is a landmark achievement for Slavesun - it represents their peak of creating the finest and most refined brutal, chaotic, mindbending Blackened death metal of today. It’s not perfect, but it comes damn near it. Overall the feeling here is fast, ancient, bestial, and blasphemous !!!

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# Verrine - Sovereign the Blasphemous


01. Embedding the Darkness Seed 05:55
02. Sovereign the Blasphemous 05:32
03. Malignant the Magic Rage 05:16
04. Infernal Benediction 05:09
05. Resurrection of the Doomed 05:55
06. Preaching the Burning Bible 06:03
07. Heathen the Proclamation 05:47
08. Welcome Your Wickedness 05:52
09. Give Into Temptation 03:44

Total Running time 00:49:17

You want complex song structures and a dynamic, fast, heavy, raw, warm and breathing production for the purpose this record was heading for. This is exactly what this record had to avoid by all means. The sound had to be cold, sterile, massive and destructive! And I find the production not muddy at all, in my opinion it’s still very detailed considering the compression. The sheer epic brutality of it all, and the mind numbing speed. This is a new kind of Rough black metal - I don't see this style really claiming any antecedents.  and The drums keep the intensity up to a maximum at all times with the only breaks coming in the form of more samples of explosions and gunfire. This is 666 % Fucking blastbeats... pretty much these guys have decided that the way to gain truth and brutality is to play as fast as is humanly possible, throwing all riffs out the window!

Setelah memperkenalkan single terbaru " Embedding the Darkness Seed " dalam kompilasi " The Dark of the Nameless Chapter. II " Besutan Reprisal Promotions tahun 2023, Salah satu Unit Black Metal ngebut dan membabi buta, VERRINE sedang mempersiapkan debut full album ke-5 nya bertajuk " Sovereign the Blasphemous " yang akan rilis sekitar akhir tahun 2023 atau awal 2024, yang pada saat ini masih proses penggodok'an ketat 9 track paling brutal dan terbarunya seperti : " Welcome Your Wickedness ", " Resurrection of the Doomed ", " Sovereign the Blasphemous ", " Give Into Temptation ", " Malignant the Magic Rage ", " Infernal Benediction ", " Heathen the Proclamation " dan " Preaching the Burning Bible ". sekedar menjadi bocoran saja jika materi terbaru ini memiliki kekuatan super jahat dengan beat yang meledak ledak keras dan cepat, sound guitar yang low dan pattern vokal yang semakin powerfully. keep brought about the rabid Barbaric aggression of fast black metal, but with it a regal sophistication that seems years beyond the capability destruction world of war disorder ! outstretched their practical reach here. The result is an atmospheric, dense album where some of the mystique lies in the fact you know the mix has robbed you of hearing everything in it's full glory.

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# Genital Bastards - Something Sick and Bizarre


01. The Gore Has Just Begun 03:02
02. Butcher Their Patients Bloody Red 02:13
03. Raped and Mangled 02:53
04. Blistering the Flesh 03:08
05. Destroying, Disfiguring, Dead You'll be 02:32
06. Narcotized by Pain 02:13
07. And the Bitch Could Not Say a Word 02:25
08. Unburied Corpses 02:17
09. Ripping Through Flesh the Vein 02:55
10. Gnawing Meat From Your Bones 03:35
11. Torture Them Slow! 03:19
12. Something Sick and Bizarre 02:47

Total Runningtime 00:33:23

When someone dies, the body will usually decompose immediately. Decay occurs because the cells begin to break down and are accompanied by bacteria that attack the body. But how long does it take for the body to decompose completely? The decomposition process begins within minutes of death, although there are variables such as ambient temperature, soil acidity, and coffin material that can affect the time it takes for a body to become a skeleton. On average, a body buried in a casket usually begins to decompose within a year. However, the decomposition of these corpses can take up to a decade to fully decompose, leaving only a skeleton. Meanwhile, a body buried without a coffin has no protection from insects and other elements. This causes the body to become a skeleton within five years.

The process of decomposition or decay of the corpse occurs directly. Once death occurs and oxygenated blood stops flowing, it causes the cells to die which is called autolysis. In this process the cell releases enzymes that break down the cell itself as well as carbohydrates and proteins. The decay or decomposition of organic matter without oxygen by bacteria, fungi, or other organisms can turn parts of the body skin green about 18 hours after death. This happens simultaneously because bacteria in the stomach multiply rapidly, creating gas that causes bloating and odor. Decomposition accelerates when the body is in a hot environment, which is why human remains are often stored in refrigerators until it's time for burial. During the bloating stage of the decomposition process, the skin may detach and blister or it may develop a special pattern, where greenish-black blood vessels can be seen through the skin in about 24 to 48 hours after death.

After bloating and in a process known as black rot, the organs and tissues of the body soften and life forms such as insects and microna will feed on the remaining soft tissues, leaving behind the skeletal remains. Decomposition slows down significantly at this (skeletal) stage and it can take years or decades for the skeletal remains to disintegrate. To delay decomposition, preservation of the body can be done for example by injecting formalin into the body. This preservative chemical stops the activity of bacteria that damage the body. Corpses that use this preservation procedure will only decay for 5-10 years. At that time, the tissue is gone and only bones remain. But there are also several factors that influence such as one of them is the quality of the preservation work.

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# Nihilistic from the Human Holocaust - Viva La Genocide


01. Dark Crimson
02. Blind the Sun
03. Agama Adalah Delusi
04. Retorika Sampah
05. Lost and Never Found
06. Intolerance
07. Kontradiksi Basi
08. Bring Your Fear
09. Pahlawan Tanpa Esensi
10. Death Will Set Us Free
11. Kolusi Mata Hati
12. Turbulence Ahead
13. Sajak Berkerak
14. Stay Scattered and Splatter Brained
15. Economics Crash
16. Narcoleptic Laborers
17. Expose the Lie

Total Runningtime 00:30:53

NIHILISTIC FROM THE HUMAN HOLOCAUST (NFTHH) Simple elements defy the window dressing they have been given, but the overall element wears the confusion well as did Greek bands such as Varathron who structured complex songs around the shifting beats and simple chord progressions of basic metal. Engaging, definitely catchy, although pretty vapid underneath the presence of talented musicians improvising on elemental Melodic folk ideas. Sebuah eksplorasi dominan sounding yang ada dalam karya ini adalah Atmospheric synthesizer, which function as they would in a progressive band by backing the riff with faster alternating patterns that occasionally take leads to introduce interludes or mutate tempo. Powerful though these are, they rarely compensate for the guitar, which although nondominant is competent despite its adherence to using simple elements of chord progression as fundamental form of the song, Now, new Style with dark reformed !

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Come with new Mix & Mastering !

# Slavesun - Anthology the Beast

Suffice to say their blackened death stuff isn’t horrible, but their gold will always be in the creepy, atmospheric, raw black metal that they do rather well. This compilation is an amalgamation of all their beast material until 2022 and I got to say it is rather impressive. It’s got an intensely dark atmosphere helped by the eerie fillers, horror-movie esque-riffs and the tortured blastbeat tornado. more decent, even beast material that I can certainly enjoy when I am in the right mood, but lacks memorability and direction. It feels like a compilation, covering different eras Slavesun has gone through and thus moving between sounds more influenced by either black metal or death metal, while rarely doing either of it perfectly, but good enough.

# Verrine - Legions of the Bastard

" Legions of the Bastard " doesn't have much to offer the fast black metal fan, and if you're new to the band then you need to just hunt down all their albums up to " Glorious the Misanthropy " and possibly give " God Was Destroyed " a chance. This is not a band one ever needs to 'ease into' through a greatest faster hits package. That's really all I need say. this compilation every track included has at least been remixed or remastered preying on the usual nostalgia, but it seems that at least some effort was placed into getting a bunch of odds and ends in one place for fans who might not have even been around to get them in the first place. surprisingly convincing of several recent sophisticate tracks of recent tunes that have not yet been overplayed and still sound fast, heavy and fresh.

# Pissing the Mainstream - Packaged Terror the Contradictions

Though over the years their brand of hardcore-infused mayhem has grown in terms of complexity and sheer brutality, Staying true to their hardcore roots, the subject under consideration consists of a stinging commentary on the negative outcomes of present day global finance practices, manifesting in various track battering songs heavily adorned with metaphorical imagery to this end that is very appropriate to a modern death/grind opus. keep usual blend of merciless aggression that can be attributed to the likes of Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Nuclear Tribunal and Napalm Death have been distilled into a highly controlled and organized series of chapters that make for a truly twisted and disturbing storybook, all the while the chaotic and unhinged character that typifies a grindcore outfit. the auditory contents of this raging storm of sound is concerned, it’s the kind of climactic brutality that any self-respecting fan of Modern Death/grind will want to get behind. Arrrghhh !!!!!!!

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