[ N e w s ] OUT NOW : 3 Combo The Beast Release : The Best Verrine - The Best Slavesun - The Best Pissing the Mainstream

OUT NOW : 3 OMBO The Beast Release : The Best Verrine - The Best Slavesun - The Best Pissing the Mainstream

#Verrine - Legions of the Bastard


01. God Was Destroyed
02. The Dark Call of Blasphemy
03. Redeeming the Ancient Cult
04. Blasphemous Incantation
05. Blessing to Annihilate
06. Filthy Hierarchy of Whoredoom
07. Godless the Science
08. Hellspawn
09. Damnation Calls
10. Storms Murderous the Infernal
11. The Black Prophecies Apocalypse
12. Blessed Devil in Inferno
13. Sanctimonious Vultures
14. Blood of the Gods

Total Runningtime 01:01:54

" Legions of the Bastard " doesn't have much to offer the fast black metal fan, and if you're new to the band then you need to just hunt down all their albums up to " Glorious the Misanthropy " and possibly give " God Was Destroyed " a chance. This is not a band one ever needs to 'ease into' through a greatest faster hits package. That's really all I need say. this compilation every track included has at least been remixed or remastered preying on the usual nostalgia, but it seems that at least some effort was placed into getting a bunch of odds and ends in one place for fans who might not have even been around to get them in the first place. surprisingly convincing of several recent sophisticate tracks of recent tunes that have not yet been overplayed and still sound fast, heavy and fresh.

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#Slavesun - Anthology the Beast


01. The Blood Divine 03:33
02. Under Golden the Ages 05:15
03. Dividing the Fathers of Time 04:15
04. Blazing The Dionysian 03:31
05. Vengeance The Enthroned 05:00
06. Empire of the Sea 05:45
07. Titanoachy 06:32
08. The Rising Vehemence 04:49
09. War of the Gods 04:00
10. Agonize 03:32
11. Wrath of The Kraken 06:15
12. Immortality 06:13

Total Runningtime 00:58:43

Suffice to say their blackened death stuff isn’t horrible, but their gold will always be in the creepy, atmospheric, raw black metal that they do rather well. This compilation is an amalgamation of all their beast material until 2022 and I got to say it is rather impressive. It’s got an intensely dark atmosphere helped by the eerie fillers, horror-movie esque-riffs and the tortured blastbeat tornado. more decent, even beast material that I can certainly enjoy when I am in the right mood, but lacks memorability and direction. It feels like a compilation, covering different eras Slavesun has gone through and thus moving between sounds more influenced by either black metal or death metal, while rarely doing either of it perfectly, but good enough.

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#Pissing the Mainstream - Packaged Terror the Contradictions


01. Shattered
02. Sludge Bomb For Blood
03. Manifestasi Apokaliptik
04. Conflict (II)
05. Nuclear Frightened
06. Walls of Depression
07. Literasi Penuh Caci
08. Thanks for Fucking Nothing!
09. Another Fake Hypocrisy
10. Eksploitasi Repulsi Alegori
11. Negative People
12. Indifference
13. Obsessed the Untrue
14. Memaki Tuhan
15. Transendensi Adikodrati
16. The Enslaving Propaganda
17. (Sick)nema
18. Persetan dengan Kalian
19. Eksperimen Kapital Farmasi
20. Sekte Kadrun
21. Encrushed
22. Strongest

Total Runningtime 01:01:15

Though over the years their brand of hardcore-infused mayhem has grown in terms of complexity and sheer brutality, Staying true to their hardcore roots, the subject under consideration consists of a stinging commentary on the negative outcomes of present day global finance practices, manifesting in various track battering songs heavily adorned with metaphorical imagery to this end that is very appropriate to a modern death/grind opus. keep usual blend of merciless aggression that can be attributed to the likes of Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Nuclear Tribunal and Napalm Death have been distilled into a highly controlled and organized series of chapters that make for a truly twisted and disturbing storybook, all the while the chaotic and unhinged character that typifies a grindcore outfit. the auditory contents of this raging storm of sound is concerned, it’s the kind of climactic brutality that any self-respecting fan of Modern Death/grind will want to get behind. Arrrghhh !!!!!!!

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