# Bloodfrozen - Across the Blackened Throne

Debut full album ke-3, Blitar city Frenetic Bestial Black Metal BLOODFROZEN, setelah memperkenalkan 2 album full sebelumnya " When the Darkest Horizon " (2020) dan " Eternal the Boundless " (2022), dengan materi yang semakin berat, cepat dan jahat dari sebelumnya. masih menjadi sebuah pembuktian nyata tanpa banyak bacot tetap powerful ngasih surprise buat fans black metal tanah air. Few variations in playing style make this far from a monotonous approach, Bloodfrozen play straightforwardly at high speed without any muffled chords and few single strum, percussive chords. All of this is a river of melody with its complexities encoded within flowing simply with the voices of the dead hidden behind its vast powerful arena of noises, the hoarse voice of the vocalist barking or screaming a dominant rhythm for each phrase, urging it into darkness. Rushing, rushing but almost energyless as it races through the same combinations, almost frustratingly, of variation and evolution in these simple riffs. Just for fanatic fans in the vein practicioners of this style Dark Funeral and Mayhem!

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# Fierced - Innocence Beyond the Realms

Kasar dan menampar, sebuah ungkapan yang menjadi filosofi definitif ketika Fierced harus terlahirkan. tidak ada visi atau misi tersendiri, The Only just playing extreme music ! meminjam kekuatan jahat dari elemen Death metal yang buas, Fierced coba memainkan taste DM in the Vein Malevolent Creation, Solstice atau Diabolic dengan cita rasa khas Fierced sendiri. memperkenalkan " Innocence Beyond the Realms " sebagai debut yang menjadi penantian panjang ketika dikemas penuh darah kebencian ! unrelenting intensity music that throbs through cycles in order to establish a consistency which must be violated, then switching into the next of a rotating series of riffs which eventually conclude at an ungentle tribute to their origins. With guttural vocals pulsing in the foreground, well-produced drums lay down a clear rhythm track which is obliterated by the carefully reigned but still vitriolic blasts of distortion that Fierced are fond of using. Songs often drop from top speed and use death metal conventions of epic but minimal transitions to conclude their themes. High-energy music for intense lives. The buzzsaw sonic spatter of intense distortion is still there, as are the serial rhythm changes (tempo remains, percussion patterns change) and the single-noted tremolo picked rhythm playing, but it has softened into the listenable at the same time like a sharpened knife its simplified fabric has given it a greater chance of impact. here comes the punch death metal assault !!

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# Filosopheme - Resistensi Misantropi

Sejak memperkenalkan single terbaru di tahun 2023 " Into Despair ", kepedihan nan depresif kembali dilanjutkan dengan debut full album pertama bertajuk " Resistensi Misantropi ". sentuhan depresif yang terbilang tidak monoton seperti yang banyak diklaim oleh fans fanatik-nya harus ber-konsep monoton, debut ini memadukan elemen Atmosperik sehingga nafas baru lahir begitu saja dimateri baru saat ini. Keep the sounding of Black Metal and Atmospheric Music and combine Depressive Aesthetic to create a sound that really is quite unique and sadness. this would be the soundtrack to give you the courage to go through with it and it's incredibly fitting to the topic. It typifies the New Breed of Depressive BM and has become a primary force behind the genres drive into a more suicidal feel than ever before. Be prepared to feel every bit of depression you have ever felt all at once, as Filosopheme have delivered an astonishing look into affliction and agony through the eyes of the tormented. come with the riffing are simplistic in nature, which is the case with this style of music, but highly effective and absolutely radioactive with emotion and features some very bouncy, but when you take the agonizing vocals into consideration, this makes for a far more dissonant and depressing tune. It is everything depressive music is supposed to be. It embodies depression, sadness, hatred, darkness, and misery, showing you that life is futile and not worth living.

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# Ungodless - Servants the Creations

The most immediately obvious aspect of bands come from Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia is the cruel nameless dark production. Debut Ganas beringas dan Lugas dari UNGODLESS ! Sayatan blastbeat dipadukan dengan blazing riff intens yang digeber dengan supersonic tremolo. The sound is darkness incarnate, yet there also a decaying warmth to the overall tone that provides a paradoxical sense of fire and ice in how to record beast black metal. The cold, evil, dark, calculated, satanic, beast, chilling sounds throughout the album are the most accurate depiction of what a standard black metal outing should sound and be like, since the songwriting is incredibly well polished, leaving no riff up to chance, the lyrics are truly beast with fast tremollos and constantly evoke the darkest of images, and the calculated, orchestrated playing of every single instrument and manic, deadly vocal delivery have probably never been matched in a similar way by any other black metal band in existence. Anti Bullying fuck-off, UNGODLESS comes still with the true faster and beaster !

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# Spasmobliteratism - Inhuman Bestiality

SPASMOBLITERATISM Unit Gore ' N ' Roll Blitar city, East Java - Indonesia. No more simple and cowardly approaches to any of classic rock samples! No compromising on showing blues roots! No pretentious and unfitting buildup! Spasmobliteratism just got together, rolled out the most pure, on the level that seemed just impossible, gore 'n' roll, and just spat in the face of anyone who is against it. mungkin buat kalian yang menyukai rock'n'roll khususnya dan rock tahun 70-an pada umumnya, setidaknya ini merupakan detil ga resmi dari perpaduan dua budaya yang berbeda. Dan seolah-olah ini adalah perwakilan Bumi dalam kontak antar galaksi, semua yang ada di sini disajikan dengan cara enjoy !, dan semua kesan serta kesimpulannya hanya bergantung pada seberapa terbuka pikiran pendengarnya death metal fans, jika mereka benar-benar ingin mengesampingkan mantra "seseorang harus setia pada genre", tentu saja mari kita akui, penyajian yang lebih Happening en enjoy lebih benar-benar generik memproduksi death metal primitif ini, mereka tidak akan memberikan kontribusi apapun pada skena ini, terutama jika dibandingkan dengan apa yang telah mereka capai pada single " Digested Squirming the Pieces ", cobalah menilai materi Spasmobliteratism secara obyektif, mungkin akan menyukainya especially buat telinganya yang udah capek digeber dengan sajian padat dan berat. karena, as already noted, has a composition more attached to rock and roll, so it is slower and groovy than its predecessors works, although its obvious that every moment of darkness or putrefaction with which Spasmobliteratism started has been lost, it is not bad at all, since most bands evolve so as not to fall into the monotony of always doing the same thing, it can be considered that it is an experiment to not replicate the sound of produce "something Hedonism". Obviously this evolution influences their sound, since replicating the music or maintaining the line of predecessor material seems to be something that Spasmobliteratism does not like at all, so they are constantly changing, perhaps they wanted to show that beyond what they had already composed, they could also create a well done fusion between rock and roll and gore/death metal. as well as showing that they are musicians who can compose a different genre satisfactorily, so if you like this kind of fusion, maybe you will get a good impression of this work. Eaaarrrgghhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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