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Daddy Cruel - Let's They Rot ' 1st Album

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01. Mars Kelamin 03:54
02. Hell What a Stench! 03:50
03. Spinning Up She's Head 04:03
04. Damned! 03:20
05. The Swelling Busted 02:54
06. Real Pathetic Soundtrack 03:31
07. Let's They Rot 03:45
08. Spit Them Out and Kill 'Em All 03:58

Total Runningtime 00:29:17

Sejak Demo 2020, Unit Blitar city Death n Roll urak'an Daddy Cruel harus terhenti aktifitasnya meski mereka telah menulis untuk persiapan full album pertama. Menggabungkan sentuhan Death/Thrash metal dengan gaya Rock n Roll suka suka. Daddy Cruel mencoba peruntungan dengan mengedepankan progres kawin silang antara Pungent Stench, Six Feet Under hingga Gorefest yang mereka racik dengan warna sendiri untuk party edan-edanan plus aroma alkohol dan wanita sebagai booster-nya. Anthemic songs through their spaces of obscurity and light. Where it is excellent is in fusing the atmospheric nature of alternative rock with the thunderous romantic urges and structures of epic sludge-rock, but what is often forgotten is the metal, which here is really only a vestigial organ of heavy distortion and a few strumming techniques. If you feel like an album in the postmodern collage of styles that is alternative, but with the minor-key monster chord goulash of grunge or metal, and featuring the powers of a lyrical vocal/compositional style, Daddy Cruel might feed your beast, but for those expecting metal - beware!

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